The Special Entropy of This Blog

The thought occurs to me that perhaps one way I can avoid a complete meandering through issues is by concentrating this blog called “Entropy Reversal” on the topic of “entropy.” I mean, I did choose the name out of at-least-some-vague interest in the topic, and one of the most recent books I read was on the topic of entropy.

In Entropy Demystified: The Second Law Reduced to Plain Common Sense (2008) Arieh Ben-Naim explains:

It should be stressed again that the interpretation of entropy as a measure of information cannot be used to explain the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The statement that entropy is an ever-increasing quantity in a spontaneous process (in an isolated system) is not explained by saying that this is “nature’s way of increasing disorder,” or “nature’s way of increasing ignorance.” All these are possible descriptions of the thing that changes in a spontaneous process. As a description, “information” is even more appropriate than the term “entropy” itself in describing the thing that changes. (p. 203)

Whatever the order or disorder of how I arrange this blog, I hope some information will be imparted.


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